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Carnival Figures

Brenda Lawson

Skimbo White

Bob Monkhouse, Skimbo White and Dorcas Barnett

Dorcas Barnett

 Dorcas Molly Barnett, 1920 -2015
Dorcas was born on November 12, 1920, and grew up in Ventnor, attending St Boniface School.
She worked in the Shanklin branch of Woolworths until war broke out, at which point she worked on farms, picking potatoes.
In her 20s, Dorcas worked at J. W. C. Gills Butchers, in Ventnor High Street, where she met her husband, Ray. They married on February 27, 1943, in Ventnor and went on to have two children, Colin and Karen.
After being involved with Ventnor Carnival for nine years, Dorcas became vice-chairman of the committee.
She had a big influence in the running of the largest carnivals Ventnor ever had, featuring well-known bands, such as the United States Air Force Band for Europe, known as the Glenn Miller Band.
In 1975, she was made chairman of the carnival committee, a position she held until 1989, when she retired from the role.


Eddie and Jane Goodlet

Carnival News- A Fond farewell


The carnival AGM was held in Salisbury Gardens on the 19th November 2015 and sadly said goodbye to Eddie and Jane Goodlet


Eddie and Jane have been with the carnival for many years holding offices of chairman and secretary and have tirelessly worked every year to give Ventnor a wonderful carnival week. The Mayor Jason Mack expressed his thanks to them for the many years of carnival work as did the committee and they were wished well for the future.

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