Past Ventnor Floats

2019- Queens in Pictures
Senior Queen: Jessica Clay
Junior Queen: Amelia Churches
2018- Dragonfly Dreams
Senior Queen: Ebony Millmore
Junior Queen: Passion Yates
2017-A Taleof Myth anda Timeof Magic
Senior Queen: Alice Aldridge-Snell
Junior Queen: Charlie Grogan
2016- Nutcracker Royale
Senior Queen: Jessica Rayner
Junior Queen: Katie Barthorpe
2015- Ventnor Movie Queens
Senior Queen- Emily Aldridge-Snell
Junior Queen- Ruby Bryant
2014- Precious Moments in Time
Senior Queen+Queen of Queens- Eloise Preston Junior Queen- Bailey Sard
2013- A Muster of Peacocks
Senior Queen- Jess Mansell
Junior Queen- Alice Potts
2012- Under the Sea
Senior Queen- Ellie Scovell
Junior Queen- Jessica Rayner
2011- The Lighthouse
Senior Queen- Bethany Rayner
2010- The Windmill
Senior Queen- Shania Steele
Junior Queen- Amber Matthews
2009- Ventnor Carnival Crackers
Senior Queen- Maddie Snellen
Junior Queen- Jasmin Parsons
2008- Winter Wonderland
Senior Queen and Queen of Queens- Nicola Barrow
Junior Queen- Caitlan Jacobs
2007- Simply Scotland
Senior Queen- Hannah Allen-Western
Junior Queen- Shania Steele
2006- Ventnor Domino Delight
Senior Queen- Chrissie Viney
2005- Butterfly Fantasy
Senior Queen- Anna Scovell
Junior Queen- Emma Norman
2004- Turkish Delight
Senior Queen- Vicki Baines
Junior Queen- Yasmin Black
2003- The Hygeia
Senior Queen- Lauren Kingdom
Junior Queen- Chelsea Norman
2002- Ventnor Cascade Queens
Senior Queen- Natasha green
2001- Ventnor Quality Queens
Senior Queen- Kaya Cardwell
Junior Queen- Letitia Collins
2000- Ventnor Spanish Serenade
Senior Queen- Charlotte Devey
1998- Ventnor Romany Romance
Senior Queen- Roxanna Brizelden
1997- Seascape Serenade
Senior Queen- Claire Ward
Junior Queen- Melissa Douglas
1996- Camelot Cameo
Senior Queen- Hayley Croad
Junior Queen- Lisa Morgan
1995- Ventnor Sunset Sunrise
Senior Queen- Catherine perks
Junior Queen- Mariclaire Downing
1994- Rainbow Royale
Senior Queen- Tanith Baines
Junior Queen- Claire Ward
1993- Firebird Fantasy
Senior Queen- Carly Lacey
Junior Queen- Katie Morris
1992- Moonlight
Senior Queen- Jodie Johnson
Junior Queen- Hannah Davies
1991- Lily Lagoona
Senior Queen- Naomi Leuch
Junior Queen- Lucie Liddelow
1990- Pastel Palette
Senior Queen- Louise Parsons
Junior Queen- Claire Johnson
1989- A royal proclaimation
Senior Queen- Sally Berry ( Queen of Queens)
Junior Queen- Kelly Cherrett
1988- Top of the World
Senior Queen- Rene Young
Junior Queen- Jenny Goodwin
1987- wonderland castle
Senior Queen- Sharon Morgan
Junior Queen- Joanna Bristow
Senior Queen: Sarah Wilkins
Junior Queen: Louise Yeomans
1984- Peacocks
Senior Queen- Fiona Von-Mehren
Junior Queen- Amy Daly
Senior Queen- Debbie Saunders
Junior Queen- Beverley Wheeler (Queen of Queens)
Senior Queen- Karen Taylor
Junior Queen- Naomi Newnham
1967- Celebration
Senior Queen: Lynne Chapman
Senior Queens 1965- Don Quixote
Senior Queen- Marion Macleod
Junior Queens 1965- Jewellery box
Seniors 1964- The Artists Palette
Senior Queen- Sheila White
Junior Queens 1964-Floral Display
Senior Queen- Betty Bennet
1951- Festival of Britain
Senior Queen- Julia Whelan
Senior Queen: Rosemary Ranby
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1995- Ventnor Sunset Sunrise

Senior Queen- Catherine perks Junior Queen- Mariclaire Downing